Logging for Truckers has gone Electronic

ELD Rules Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for truckers were designed to monitor a truck’s engine to automatically record all relevant travel information, including the number of hours a trucker works during a particular period of time. The data can then be accurately shared, tracked, and managed. Such devices do not depend on someone entering data each day and eliminates the ability to falsify … [Read more...]

Commercial Truck Accidents in the US: Trends and Facts

In the US, over 15 million commercial trucks transport 70 percent of the cargo within the country each year. A large number of trucks on the roads also translate into a fairly large number of tragic accidents every year.The FMCSA has been instrumental in implementing various rules and regulations to prevent such accidents and improve the safety of the driver and vehicle. But despite all truck … [Read more...]

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs): Frequently Asked Questions

With the new requirement to install electronic logging devices (ELDs) in all commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), drivers as well as carriers seek clarity about various aspects of the new rule. This comprehensive FAQ will address most of the common questions related to the ELD rule.Who is required to comply with the New ELD rule? The new ELD rule is applicable to most drivers and motor carriers … [Read more...]

The Electronic Logging Device (EDL) Rule – What Commercial Drivers, Carriers, And Manufacturers Need to Know

In a major move to improve the safety of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) on the road, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the US Department of Transportation has ruled that commercial bus and truck drivers must use an electronic logging device (ELD) to record their hours of service (HOS).The new rule is aimed at encouraging the use of ELDs industry-wide, which will … [Read more...]

Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) Required Across Commercial Truck Industry

The US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) now requires all commercial truck and bus drivers to use electronic logging devices (ELD) to record their compliance with the rules of Hours of Service (HOS) that prevent fatigue. An ELD is designed to automatically record driving time and monitor engine hours, miles driven, vehicle movement, and location … [Read more...]

What to Do After Your Ohio Truck Accident

A Truck Accident Attorney in Ohio will be needed by big rig drivers as well as drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs after an accident. When it's the fault of the smaller vehicle, sometimes they may have been driving in the 'No Zone'. This is the area of vision that the truck driver cannot see out of his side mirrors (directly behind the truck and the left and right rear quarters of the truck). There … [Read more...]

Trucking Expansion

In 2014, the Boston Globe reported that the US trucking industry was reaping the rewards of a recovering economy.  With Close to 70 percent of goods traveling by truck, the US trucking industry was looking to fill 30,000 open jobs.  Simply by getting a commercial drivers license one could almost be guaranteed a job, according to the American Trucking Associations.  With the economy continuing to … [Read more...]

Truck Crashes On The Rise

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) just released its most recent “crash facts” statistics for Large Truck Crashes. The figures show the number of “big rigs” involved in fatal crashes from 2014 to 2015 (the latest year for which the “facts” were compiled) has risen eight percent from the previous year’s tallies.In total there were 415,000 police-reported crashes involving … [Read more...]

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